The Write Brain Workbook: Day 5


The Write Brain Workbook is a 366-page idea factory-slash-writer’s block destroyer. The author, Bonnie Neubauer, has brought together 366 ways to not stare at a blank page. The idea of this book is to write directly in the book, however I have been using a notebook, simply because if I want to do this again in the future, I don’t want to have to buy another book (although I’m sure Ms. Neubauer wouldn’t mind it if I did).

First up, I thumbed to Day 5 and decided that this would be where I am going to start.


See how kind of neat that is? And to be honest it’s a wonderful way to get over writer’s block. Because every page is filled with something normally you wouldn’t write. Well, I take that back. It’s full of things that I wouldn’t normally write. That’s why it’s both a blessing and a challenge. And whenever I’m having a hard time with my own writing, I’m going to open this book and get the party started. Because even though it has nothing to do with my story, it will keep me writing, and that is the purpose of this whole thing, isn’t it?