Yes, I know that it’s nearly half a month into this new year, and that this process should have been given a little more thought beforehand, but it wasn’t until I was sitting at my desk with several notebooks open (and an incipient migraine pounding at my forehead) that I decided that this was what I was going to do.

It’s simple, I understand that, but it’s what I’m going to have to do in order to get any writing done this year.

See, I’ve gone back to writing fanfic for the time being. Don’t laugh, okay? Last year I was introduced to a new fandom that has taken over my brain, and I’m enjoying using these people as characters. And between all of us, I think it’s more complicated to write a fanfic than an original piece, simply because you didn’t create the characters. Sure, you have a lot of poetic license and are free to play around with the characters at your leisure, but sometimes the characters are real people with real personalities, and, well, it can be difficult.

But not this one. This one’s been fun to write thus far. And is is being posted in chapters online for the whole world to see.

But what I have to do is, every day, I have to type up everything that’s been written by hand. That way I don’t spend entire days just trying to get caught up, rather than writing new stuff. That’s the goal for 2018.


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