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Okay, but this isn’t really as crazy as it sounds. Yes, it’s the perfect argument for cloud storage, but at the same time… what if you have no access to the Internet wherever it is that you’re writing, hmm? What if you can’t access your writing every minute of every day? I know that I’d go a little crazy if this were the case, which is why I keep 95% of my writing on good ol’ Faye1. I always need to be where my writing is, and I don’t always have access to the Cloud™.

I’ve got myself a new project (well not a new project, but a rebooted old project), and it’s been going well, but I’ve been trying to teach myself how to outline in Scrivener and, it’s a relatively easy process, but then I get hung up on what the thing is going to look like after I’m finished and I’m ready to export it from Scrivener to a PDF. For some reason I get hung up on that a lot. So, I’m here staring at Scrivener thinking, “do I really need to be plotting this out?” a question whose answer is not always yes. But for this particular project I think it’s going to have to be a yes, I think I need to scribble down some notes and what happens when and with whom.

Ah. Once more into the breach.

1 – Faye is the name of my mid-2012 MacBook Pro; if you ask me where I got the name I can’t tell you. But Koala knows ♥

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