21220 / 365000

I opened Celtx and started something a little fresh. I’ve kind of had this idea about an alternative universe story about one of my favorite characters becoming more of a “Gossip Girl”-type celebutant than who he actually became (and if you know anything about my interests you immediately know who this particular story is about), and it finally decided that it wanted to get written. So I got food and headed off to the library, and after fighting with the Bluetooth monster that likes to pretend that it’s part of my computer — I finally set that bitch right, and found something to listen to that wasn’t music and therefore wasn’t really distracting — and then I got to writing.

Except this one is being typed up. And therefore it was a whole lot easier to come up with a bunch of words in a hurry. But this wasn’t about getting words down in a hurry. This was about letting this story make its way from my fingers to the keys. And make its way it did. I got roughly 6,000 words written in only a couple of hours, which means that I’m all caught up in terms of words on my Excel spreadsheet.

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