10101 / 365000

I cheated today. In the journal-based roleplaying game that Koala and I have both been part of for the better part of at least the last decade, I needed to write at least two entries. I figured, since these were more fiction than the story I am currently writing, I could use the words as part of my word count. I wrote the two entries, and decided to use those words as my words for the day.

Why? Because all writing should be part of the process. Not just the words that get put down on a particular story. Sure, I could write a 15,ooo-word journal entry, but only clock 400 words for the day? I’ve written 15,400 words, not just 400. I need to keep telling myself that this is the way that it goes. It’s all part of the writing process.

Koala face, I won’t go to Buffalo without you. You need to sit at Baird Point and contemplate the meaning of that gross-ass lake, too. And you need to sit in the Center For the Arts and wait for the kids to break out into song and dance. You need to walk from one end of campus to another without going outside because it’s possible and it’s kind of awesome.


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