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I think I may need glasses. Every time I went to write today the paper got blurry and my eyes got all crossed and I couldn’t do it for longer than a few minutes before I started to get a headache. It was madness; and since my health insurance does cover such things as eye exams, I think it’s high time that I went ahead and got the ol’ peepers checked… since it’s been almost fifteen years since I’ve done so.

I continued with the memoir/creative non-fiction piece about my time as a college student in Buffalo. It’s making me want to go back there, for a long weekend or a week or a month, just get a hotel room on Transit Road and just hang out on campus, sitting in Lockwood or Capen, or in the Union or maybe even in the food court over in Elliott. I want to do all of this. And I want to do it with Koala. Show her around, all the ridiculous places I spent time while in Buffalo. Take her to Fantasy Island, to Niagara Falls the Panda way. To the Anchor Bar, and ride on the NFTA train.

*sigh* Someday, I suppose. But for now, the therapy of writing it all out.


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