3600 / 365000

Day 4? What happened to Day 3?

Well, Day 3 was supposed to be my going up to Southfield and hanging out in their library for a while. Then I was called in to cover a shift for a barista who had jury duty. Oh. Okay, yeah. Sure. Noon to 5:30? Totally doable. The library didn’t close until 9:00 so even after work I would have plenty of time to at least attempt to write some. But when I got to work, I was asked to cover another shift, essentially working from noon to 11:30.

Oh. Well, um. Yeah. I mean, I need the money, but… fuck. FUCK. FUCK!!

So, I got no writing done. When I started writing today my word count was exactly where I left it two days ago. In the shitter.

After working that double I went to bed and got up early, figuring that I would find somewhere else to go and hang out for the day. So, after feeding my face at Panda Express I took off to where I thought would be the Southfield Public Library, but instead took a left and wound up at the Farmington Community Library, where only a few days earlier I caught a couple of water type Pokémon got a good bit of writing done.

In fact, I wrote so much that my left hand officially hurts.

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