751 / 360000 0.21% Done!

I’ve tried this before, and I’ve tried it here on this blog. I’ve prefaced every day, or every week, with an infographic putting into pictures what I’d done with words during the previous week or so. I was thinking of doing the same thing here, only using the counter as some kind of… I don’t know, I guess as some kind of a guide.

So, I’m setting some daily goals:

  1. To write ~1,000 a day. If I don’t write that many, that just gives me incentive to write more the following day. And if write more than that, it’s incentive not to stop just because I’ve hit a goal; if I’m really on a roll I’m just going to keep on writing until the thoughts cease.
  2. To write for ~2 hours a day; this is solely dependent on the work schedule. Even if I’m not feeling up to it I still need to write something. This writing will more often than not occur at some other location, which will be documented in my daily planner, and possibly transferred to the spreadsheet I made up to keep track of all of my words.

That’s it. One day, 364 to go.

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