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Yesterday, while I did write, I was a little remiss in my blogging duties. So I’ve combined yesterday and today’s writing into one entry here on my little blog.

But I did write. I wrote a good three or so pages. I wrote with my fellow baristas looking over my shoulder at me in both amusement and a little shock because, apparently, none of them are writers.

So today I took my writing on the road. I headed to Livonia to find somewhere new to write, and really to find some new clothes for work since Starbucks changed their dress code up a little, effective immediately. But the Alfred Noble Library, albeit very small, was incredibly quiet and very conducive to the creative process. Shame that I had a splitting sinus headache and my Bluetooth mouse kept disconnecting from my laptop, which made doing anything especially difficult. But, I managed. I always seem to.

I have had, over the years, a plethora of stories that I have started but never finished. I don’t want SOCIAL to become one of them. I really enjoy this story, and sort of enjoy where it is going. But between you and I, it really has no… meaning. Sure, I’m really writing this for me because I like to see what the characters are doing and where they’re going to end up etc. etc., but I don’t think it has a message. I mean, given what’s going down in the digital world right now the message could be that being too connected could be both a blessing and a curse, but…. oh. OH WAIT A MINUTE.

Ha. So there’s my message. I should probably write that down somewhere.

During the month of November, a lot of my time is spent with the members of NaNoWriMotown, which is the Detroit chapter of NaNoWriMo. I love November, simply for the reason that I get to converse with like-minded writers and we all get together at Panera or the Bean and Leaf in Royal Oak, and we all sit down and plug in and just write. We converse, sure, but it’s a community of writers. I enjoy this community a lot. During these camp sessions, I think that’s what I miss the most. The write-ins, and the word wars. Perhaps I can do some word wars with myself here for the next day or two, if only to give myself a change to, well, attempt to catch up.

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