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I’m not sure if this is a direct quote or not, but it sounds like something that Hamilton might say, right? Or perhaps it was Thomas Jefferson. Regardless of who said it originally I passed it along to my store manager at Starbucks yesterday when he asked me quite casually “What’re you writing?”

To me, for some reason this is always an awkward question to answer. I have yet to truly figure out the succinct summary of my novel in general, let alone to date. I’m not so much worried about the latter, but the former, the one- to two-sentence summary? I really should figure that out.

I went to the library in Ypsilanti again. I was supposed to volunteer to make phone calls for some politician, but instead I went in search of somewhere air conditioned and somewhere I could get a little more writing done. As I write this right now a young man who smells of gummi worms and has Pokémon stickers all over his laptop, is sitting beside me and trying to strike up a conversation about what it is I might be writing… and I have my headphones on. Bitch, isn’t that the universal sign for “leave me the fuck alone”?


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