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These were the days when I loathed summer camp. I hated the heat and the humidity, and I hated being out in the sun for the bulk of it. Granted we did get two hours of pool time every day, but as a kid with their own pool at home it wasn’t enough. Playing kickball for roughly six hours a day was enough to exhaust any child, but when it got to be 100+° with a humidity through the dang roof? It was almost lethal.

I have no air conditioning (but I do have a box fan and more often than not that’s enough. I mean, just the noise is enough to soothe the savage beast from time to time. Unless it’s a night like last night, where I was too tired to do anything, but not tired enough to sleep. The heat in my bedroom coupled with this left me feeling sleepy when I finally woke up sometime this afternoon.

I got very little writing done, but that’s because I don’t really have the best desk in the world at home. I had to do a little laundry for work and then decided to head out somewhere. By the time I got situated it was already time to clock in and I of course closed the store. This whole week is going to be essentially this.

But that’s not to say that I’m going to stop writing. That would be ridiculous. I’ve got this. I’ve got this story in my head and it’s itching to be put down on paper. I just need to knuckle up and do it.


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