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Okay, so…. no words yesterday, some words today. The heat and the humidity makes me want to just lay in front of a fan for hours on end and not do anything, especially when it comes to packing up my writing bag and heading somewhere that may be climate-controlled*. Factor into that I have to work another 6.5-hour shift and, well, it turns out that a whole day at the library now turns into a couple of hours of work that may or may not even be worth it in the end.


But I’m still writing. I’m not conceding, not giving up even a little bit. I’m here, I’m putting pen to paper. I’m still going… I want to say that I’m going strong, but right now I’m just going.

*I say “climate-controlled” because the air conditioning in the Henry Ford Centennial Library is meager at best and really does nothing to cool the air inside; it’s roughly the equivalent of sitting in front of a fan, only your eyes don’t dry out… as quickly.

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