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After yesterday’s minor emotional freak out I got myself together, continued writing in Southfield and decided to head to Barnes & Noble after all. And while there I picked up a copy of diyMFA. I even read through a little bit of it at the bookstore before a mother of nineteen walked in with a platoon of screaming babies and I had to high-tail it out of there before I felt like burning the place down (also, a side-note about the Barnes & Noble I ended up at: it used to be one of the places that my old roommate and I would end up when we were bored; and I ended up there solely by accident, and believe me, I was getting strange vibes the whole damn time). So I drove around for a little bit until I ended up at one of my favorite libraries.

My head clear (more or less), the air conditioning on, and my focus back on the story, I wrote until they threw me out.

Today I did the same, except I ended up on campus with a strawberry açaí refresher courtesy of a Starbucks I don’t work at. I didn’t write as vigorously as I wish I had, but I got a lot done. Plus I got some outlining done, which in my eyes is almost as good as getting the writing done itself. At least I know where I’m going for the next couple of chapters!

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