20777 / 50000

Well, the crisis with regards to Chapter Seven has been averted, in that I’ve decided to make Chapter Seven and Chapter Eight the same thing. So Chapter Seven is now twice as long as it once was, making it of comparable length to the rest of the chapters. But, since there really is no way to determine what the proper chapter length truly is, I guess right now I’m just… setting goals for myself and trying to reach them all on my own.

I’m seriously debating heading to Barnes & Noble and just sitting down with a copy of that diyMFA book. Just, y’know, peruse it for things that I’m missing. Or just buy it outright. Actually, the second option seems like the best alternative to me. And since I have, like, the next four days off from work, I should go around the greater metro Detroit area and find new places to write. Like, for example, the museum. They’re open until 10:00 PM on Friday night. Plus they have free Wi-Fi which means I can hunt as many Pokémon as I can manage before my battery dies be connected to my California Muse if she happens to be around and not off being an awesome pirate.

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