19610 / 50000

Okay, here’s the situation. I’ve gotten to the point in the writing process where counting the words has not become tedious, but become something that I’ve sort of fixated on. I’ve been counting the words per writing session and marking it all down in my little planner, and that’s fucking awesome. But now I have an Excel spreadsheet with all of my word counts, and a little chart to go along with it to show how far off the pace I am in order to win this Camp session. But now I’ve gone back and started counting the words per chapter, just because I feel like Chapter Seven has fallen drastically short.

Does it really matter how long each chapter is? No. Not really, no. A chapter break is where I can let the story jump from one topic to another, from one point geographically to another without having to write out the details of the journey (unless the details are necessary, in which case that could be a chapter in and of itself). So I’m just… going to leave it the way it is, regardless of what it looks like. There’s always time to fix it later, right? Right.

EDIT: Upon further inspection, yes. Chapter Seven did sort of lack in terms of word count, but it is what it is. I’m not about to go back and try to rework it so that it’s longer. That’s for when I’m completely finished with this first draft.


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