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Oh, goodie — we’ve officially entered the doldrums of the month. Hooray. What does this mean? It means that the writing is being forced, otherwise it would just stop in favor of day-long naps and lazing around doing absolutely nothing. I have no data plan on my phone, so I’m confined to Wi-Fi hotspots to go hunt Pokémon at, which means I have shopping malls and libraries and museums to go explore. Okay, granted there’s free Wi-Fi at the Detroit Institute of Art and my admission is also free so all I would have to do is find and pay for parking. Actually, come to think of it, perhaps I shall go do this at some point this week. Hmmm….

I’m getting sidetracked. This is supposed to be a blog about my writing and it’s quickly devolved into a blog about my every day life and how I don’t write. So maybe the DIA would be a good place to go and get my muses flowing. And since the DIA essentially shares a city block with the Detroit Public Library, perhaps maybe I could just make a whole day out of it. Hmm. You know, it’s totally worth it to put a little thought into this.

I heart a good writing road trip.

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