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I went to Barnes & Noble in search of a few books on the art of writing to see if I could pick up a copy of the latest Architectural Digest for the reason of one Mr. Anderson Cooper and his gorgeous gams and that beautiful house that he and his partner Ben build down in Trancoso, Brazil, and ended up wandering into the “Writing/Reference” section of the store. A shelf and a half of books, which I was thoroughly impressed with.

One of the books was Gabriela Pereira’s diyMFA, which I would have bought right there on the spot if the first two chapters hadn’t given me the idea to get myself a day planner and chart exactly how much I’m writing and when I’m doing it, and where I’m doing it and which project I’m playing with, and all that jazz. So, yeah. I headed down the hill to Staples and put together a refillable planner that I fully intend on keeping up with for as long as I can remember to do so. We’ll see.

Writer’s block is a myth. It’s not real. And I have a feeling here in a day or so I’m going to have to remind myself of that again.

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