9788 / 50000

According to my stats on my official Camp NaNoWriMo profile, I should finish this whole thing on July 31st. That’s the last day of camp. So, according to all of the cyphers and whatever going on inside The Office of Letters and Light, I should hit 50,000 words by the end of the month.

To which I say, terrific. But what if, somewhere along the journey, I realize that I haven’t done something truly important in the main outline of the story. I have these groups, more like ethnic categories than anything else, that I’m calling coteries. And each of these coteries has their own specific set of characteristics… which I have all worked out in my head. But on paper it’s completely missing.

I didn’t add a very important piece of work to the outline. So now I’m pretty sure that I have to go back and at least attempt to do so, I just have absolutely NO FRIGGIN’ IDEA HOW.

So now I think I need to find some kind of book. Maybe there is some kind of roleplaying game book, like a D&D-type manual that could help me in this department. Or even just some kind of character-building book. Wait a minute. Wait just a second — I’m in a library. I’m in the district library in Ypsilanti, Michigan, actually, and I wonder if there might be something that could help me put together a little character form of sorts. Hmmm. To the electronic card catalog!

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