I’ve been told a thousand times over that for a writer to truly be a great they must be well-read. And so I started thinking about this – what do writers read? Well, for this I decided to take to Reddit and asked the r/writing community. I wasn’t surprised by the answers I got, either.

ItWas_Justified mentioned Dune by Frank Herbert
sonderoffizierguck said A Song of Fire and Ice, which we all now know as the epic “Game of Thrones” (though I am told the books are MUCH better than the show, which I have never seen)
AnalGettysburg said the childhood classic Goodnight Moon, which I absolutely agree with

My bookshelf consists of: Bret Easton Ellis (everything except Imperial Bedrooms), Random Acts of Senseless Violence by Jack Womack, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, not to mention Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, Keith Olbermann, Anderson Cooper, Tucker Carlson, and Rachel Maddow (some of the greats in my humble opinion)

But it was rwritingaccount who brought up the best question: Book-books or books on craft?

I guess I was looking for books on the craft. Stephen King sort of put together the gold standard with his On Writing, but I’m very curious as to what kind of writing books other writers are looking through. What kind of reference books are you all keeping? Do you have books on how to create characters? How to create worlds? How to properly format a manuscript? Do you keep a thesaurus handy? What about style? Chicago? Associated Press?

The Books

From bottom to top:
The Synonym Finder, J.I. Rodale
Gotham Writers’ Workshop: Writing Fiction
The Associated Press Stylebook, 2013 Edition
The Write-Brain Workbook, Bonnie Neubauer
The Story Solution, Eric Edson
Now Write!, Sherry Ellis

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