As of late I have found myself hopping from library to library, in the hopes of finding a new place to sit down and write. I’m always looking for a place to let my muses run free, and libraries are some of the best places to do so. I can usually get up and walk around, with earbuds in or headphones on, and occasionally I will pull a book off of the shelf and thumb through its pages. But recently, on the west side of Detroit, I’ve been jumping from library to library, looking for a table to spread all of my notes on. Because this little wobbly table in my rented room just isn’t enough. Plus, you know, it wobbles.

Mardigian Library, University of Michigan – Dearborn
Dearborn, Michigan

mardigian_libraryThe library on my college campus. This is where, on days where I’m in class, I find myself spending most of my free time. On the upper floors it’s relatively quiet, but there aren’t really any tables. There are cubbies with electrical outlets, and the Internet isn’t necessary free (I’m not sure how to access it if you’re not a student but I do believe that you can). There’s a cafe’ on the first floor that has some drinks and some snacks, and they don’t really frown when you bring meals in, unlike in a lot of other places where they absolutely leer at you with a bag of food.

Caroline Kennedy Library
Dearborn Heights, Michigan

caroline-kennedy-libraryThis is a wonderful place. A truly wonderful place. The library itself is located by a park and a school, but is still quiet inside. There are plenty of electrical outlets and free Internet, but the best part about it is that it’s quiet. Plus, my friend Anna works there, so getting to see her is definitely kind of cool. Parking’s ample and this library is very easy to find, and even has a couple of tables outside if you’re seeking some fresh air.

John F. Kennedy, Jr. Library
Dearborn Heights, Michigan

While a bit smaller than its sister Caroline, this library was truly a wonderful place to be. I mean, they had a typewriter, a working typewriter among the computers, which were actually scattered throughout the building. The only thing I wish it had more of was windows. Natural lighting is kind of a big thing for me, and this place isn’t sorely lacking it, but it’s definitely something I would want to add if they ever renovated the place.

Henry Ford Centennial Library
Dearborn, Michigan

The flagship of the Dearborn Public Library system. This building is beautiful, and it’s perfect for what a library should be. Stacks upon stacks upon stacks of books that are actually worth something to the patrons. There are even quiet study rooms if you want to simply be left alone. But get there early if you want one of these rooms. This library is more of a public gathering place than a public library, and has a tendency to get loud once school gets out.

Plymouth District Library
Plymouth, Michigan

lsI’d been to this place once before, and had fallen in love with it then. When I returned, the love affair continued to blossom. Granted, the last time I was there they were doing renovations on the roof and every thirty seconds some power tool went off, but I think now that they’re all done with that, this might just be the place to go. In fact, I may just test that out today. To Plymouth we will go!


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