mms_pictureKoala, a good friend of mine and someone whom I consider to be a muse, listened to me as I tried to explain my story to her. I could tell she was not necessarily confused, nor was she particularly interested, but she was definitely ready to give a little feedback. And I, feeling like a complete and total cad, listened. I listened, and at first I truly felt as if I should just hit delete and that would be the end of it. But it wasn’t.

I listened. And I heard exactly what she was trying to tell me. I needed to create a world for my characters. I had characters, and I had pretty good ones, I thought. But they really had no place to live. So, I had to create that for them.mms_picture_2

And create for them I did. I took to the school library and borrowed a white board and wrote down everything that I should put into creating this world. A physical setting, whether or not we were going to split this whole thing up into countries and then cities within those countries. How those countries/cities were going to react with one another, how were they going to be run? Were they religious? Did they believe in a god or gods? Did they believe in anything?

Once I got my head on straight, I figured it out. I figured it all out. And it was absolutely glorious. The mms_picture_3world is a good bit like our own, with a few small exceptions of course, but that made it a little easier to piece everything together. And once I started to create, I realized that I could do almost anything I wanted to. This is fiction, it’s fantasy, and it’s all in the mind.

So now, my characters have a world. It may not be a world worth living in, but nothing is entirely set in stone, right? This is fluid, it can change while I set out to write. The world may just have to change in order for the story to flow.

Next item on the agenda? The Plot®.


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