Act II of my feature-length screen play for JASS467: Script-Writing Workshop is due on Tuesday. That’s a week from now. Six days from now I should have upwards of 60 pages of this script complete (even though I am convinced that the entire thing is going to need a fresh rewrite and is going to take me the rest March, April, and part of May to complete), yet here I am. Sitting on campus. Writing this blog entry. I have Celtx open in another window, and I’ve been staring at it. I’ve been trying to figure out just how in the hell I’m going to finish this screenplay when I can’t even string two simple sentences together.

I’m deep in a writer’s block. I’m on a deadline, and I am knee-deep in writer’s block.

Normally I would sit back and let the block consume me, knocking out all of the positive energy until it had a chance to recharge and I could move on with the story. But I’m on a deadline. This isn’t just for my own benefit, this is for a grade. My professor explained to me that I don’t have the luxury of writer’s block, and that I need to at least attempt to force it.

Huey Freeman just does NOT approve.
Huey Freeman just does NOT approve.
So, I forced it. I brought my journal to work, and during my breaks and my lunch time, I sat down with my little notebook and I forced it. And, I don’t know. It didn’t suck, but it was difficult. I should’ve had this finished on Thursday, I thought to myself. I had all day on Thursday. I went to the library and locked myself in one of those private study rooms… and watched The Boondocks on Netflix. I think I got a paragraph written.

But what did I do? I sat down and put pen to paper. I needed to get something down, since ACT II is due on Tuesday and I at least needed to attempt to submit something.

As of right now, I have all of ACT II outlined out. Now what I really need is to take the day off of work so I can go right ahead and finish this damn thing. Sucks that I’m not financially able to do that, but… I’ve still got my journal with me at work. And I’m going to finish ACT II by Tuesday come hell or high fucking water.

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