Is it too late to take up something for Lent? Is that how it works? You give up something that has tempted you, but can take up something to better yourself and the world around you? I’m an agnostic so I’m really not all that aware of how these things work.

A kinder, gentler Hemingway.
A kinder, gentler Hemingway.
So… I think what I’m going to do for Lent this year is try not to be so hard on myself. After all, I don’t think Papa here would be too proud of that. And lately, I’ve been extremely hard on myself. My expectations of myself, for myself, as so high that sometimes I wonder if I’ll be able to keep up with them. You see, I’m currently enrolled in a script writing class (JASS467: Script-Writing Workshop in the UM-Dearborn catalog, for those who are genuinely interested), and I’m having to learn a whole new way to tell a story. And, the further along I get, the more my muse and I get together and continue to plan how this is going to go, I’m starting to realize that yeah, I’m actually pretty good at this!

That’s where the second guessing comes in. Sure, every step of the way thus far my professor is telling me what I should do in order to fix things, and that yes, I’m on the right track, or no, I need to rethink this because it could get messy and just far too long. I’m doing well, and my grade reflects that I’m doing everything that my professor wants me to do, but as far as writing the story itself? Oh. My. God. I think I’ve gotten a handle on the software — we have to do everything in Celtx — and I’m even starting to get a handle on how to format a script. At least, I think I am.

I found a book at the library in my new hometown of Dearborn, called How to Write: A Screenplay. Basic. And the best part is that it’s written in the script format, so while you’re “learning” how to write one, you’re getting a feel for the formatting and whatnot. The flow, the feel, it’s different from prose… except not entirely. There’s plot, there’s action, there’s dialog, there’s exposition. It’s just put together differently.

So… why exactly am I second guessing myself? Because I’ve never done this before. And it’s a challenge. And while I usually shy away from a challenge, this one has been pretty fun, and I’m kind of excited about the final outcome.

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