Sometimes, we get a brilliant idea. Now, at first, we look at this idea, and it’s good, but it could be better. Then, we work with this idea. We iron out a few things, trying to get the idea straight, and move the plot from Point A to Point B without many snags along the way. So we create some kind of an outline.

Jot down a few ideas.

Create a cast of characters

Write out a little dialogue.

Maybe draw up a scene or two.

But still, it’s missing something. You have no idea what, but it’s missing something. So you go back and you read through it. You edit some, you rearrange some. You tweak what needs tweaking, add what needs adding and subtract what needs subtracting. And when you read it again? It’s still missing something.

Tonight, I found out what my story has been missing. A message. What’s the idea of the story? It should convey an idea, shouldn’t it?

Hysterical pregnancy? A little bit, yes!
Hysterical pregnancy? A little bit, yes!
Great. Great ideas, kid. Except… well… except for the fact that you don’t know where to even begin. Coming up with a great first line has always been my downfall. But now? Now I’m really not so sure. I don’t even know if I should start from the beginning and work my way through, or simply jot down scene ideas and try to connect them later. There are so many ideas cramped up in my brain right now, and they’re all relatively connected to this one particular story, that they’re having a hard time getting through the door and out onto any paper in front of me.

*sigh* Oh, yeah. I… I’m definitely a writer.

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