Don’t understand the title of this post? Here. This video may help you out a little:

This year, NaNoWriMotown is engaging in a regional word war with Chicago. So far Detroit is ahead of Chicago, though it isn’t by much. The best part? There are more people writing in Chicago than there are in Detroit! BOOYAH!

But this isn’t the best part. We have all been assigned a nemesis, someone who we are personally going to word war with. The user that I’ve been paired up with is a few words ahead of me, but not by a lot, and not by an insurmountable lead. I can overtake them, and I can win this. This is my new-found confidence, and I am going to ride this until the end of November, or I am just going to crash in a pile of wreckage trying!

Props to Guy Ritchie for the awesome movie, Snatch.!

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