28343 / 50000 words

photoLast night around 2:39 a.m. I had an epiphany. Lightning seriously struck my brain, and like a bat out of hell I leapt out of bed and began to furiously write. Actually write. Now, it may not have been the original story that I’ve been clicking away on for the last three weeks, but it was something, and after my day yesterday getting anything down on paper was good enough for me. And so, with a stack of CDs and enough Diet Mountain Dew to fuel the X-Games I sat down and did as much writing as I possibly could before my hand decided to give out.

You know, making a Red Bull smoothie doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Just crush up some ice in the blender and see what develops. I’m not sure if caffeine is what I need right now, though. I think what I need is a flat surface and my notebook.


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