I am holed up in the Troy Public Library attending my own personal writing marathon. Well, okay I didn’t do a little bit of writing; I actually got a good bit done.

And decided to keep track of my progress (and live blog it to the masses, so keep checking back every hour)!

11:00 AM –

8371 / 20000 words

By the end of the day I am supposed to have 20,000 words if I am to stay on track to win this thing, so I’ve set my tracker to 20,000 rather than 50,000. According to this, I’ve got 42% of my words for today completed. WOOHOO!

12:00 PM –

9502 / 20000 words

I cheated a little, and did some Write or Die, not to boost my word count, but really to get the idea out of my head before I lost it altogether. I think I did pretty swell, if I do say so myself!

1:00 PM –

9697 / 20000 words

Okay, so this was a little more difficult. It certainly didn’t help matters that the Internet here at the Troy Public Library on Big Beaver Road is acting pretty crappy today, but then I realized “I don’t need the Internet for research; I’m in the f*%&ing library!” We’ll see how the next hour pans out.

2:00 PM –

10077 / 20000 words

Still going relatively strong, only I wish I’d written just a little more, but alas. My little hands were just too tired.

4:00 PM –

10077 / 20000 words

Well kids, 10,077 is the official word count for the day. At least, for the day when I decided to call it quits. I’m tired, I’m hungry, and I’m really curious why I’m not at home taking care of either of those things. Not to mention the mountain of laundry that I left on my bed. *sigh* Perhaps later this evening I will write up a little more.

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