3938 / 50000 words

This, my readers, is what happens when you go to the library first thing on a Saturday morning.

Troy Public Library, 9:58 AM
Troy Public Library, 9:58 AM

Granted, my intention was not to go to the library in order to write, though I have had luck in writing at this particular library. No, my intention was to go with my housemate out to Troy and spend the day out of the house, and even get a little work for another class done. But that didn’t stop me from bringing my notebook and having at the words for a little while. But… seriously, though I absolutely should have expected it I was not prepared for the number of elderly people at the library that early on a Saturday morning. Of course, this isn’t early for them, it’s closer to midday, but I digress.

I should get back to the writing. I know it’s late, but there’s no rest for, um, for… the wicked? The weary? Gah, I don’t even remember how the old saying goes!


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