For the past few weeks, I’ve been grappling with one of the most serious bouts of writer’s block that I have ever been faced with. Every time I sit down to write, there’s an idea but the idea very rarely materialized into anything. And even then, whatever it does become, the written words are usually.. well.. crap.

A good friend of mine purchased a new Brother typewriter for my birthday in April. And since April, I have written 60 pages using this marvel. Just the shift from writing on the computer to writing on a typewriter was enough to get whatever Muses are bouncing around in my head going.

While I was at the Barnes & Noble in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, I purchased this:


A leather-bound journal with removable journal inserts that I can refill when I’m finished with writing.. whatever it is that I’m going to write. I’m thinking that, with this case of writer’s block, it’s not the fact that I’m unable to write anything, but rather it’s the medium in which I’m writing. Putting an actual pen to actual paper is causing an idea to flow like water, effectively breaking said writer’s block. It wasn’t the idea that stopped, it was how I was writing it.

For me, an effective cure for writer’s block is to change the medium. Does anyone else have a cure?

2 thoughts on “Curse That Infernal Writer’s Block!

  1. Going outside. I’m serious. I spent months and months cooped up inside (being depressed, no doubt) and I spent three days at a music festival, camping, without electronics. It was amazing and I came back, aching and muddy, but newly inspired.

  2. I’m a talker. If I can get anyone to listen, even if it’s just my cat, the ideas start coming and I don’t stop talking once I take it to the page. I just “talk” as if someone was on the other side of the screen listening, and eventually it stops being talking and starts being writing.

    Also, long car rides do it for me, but it’s a pain unless you can dictate somehow, like with a smartphone or something.

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