I had one, just the other day. Well, actually, it wasn’t a new idea, but rather a new take on an old idea that I have been trying to get down for several years now. My Muses seem incredibly affected by the Gossip Girl series, and since I started reading them however many years ago, I have been trying to create my own characters and put them into that universe (For those of you who don’t know that particular universe, it’s about well-to-do children and a family of less-than-well-to-do people who make their way into high society). I have written and re-written and recreated characters several times, using pictures of actors and actresses that I’d found on the Internet to use as their faces so that I have something to look at when I’m thinking of them (leaving my imagination to focus merely on the words and not on the pictures as well; okay, not all of the pictures).

So yesterday afternoon I opened up Scrivener and set out to create a story that I would be proud of, a store that would finally lay those Muses to rest.

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 10.31.58 AM

I found and named my characters. I gave it a tentative title. I jotted down a few notes.

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 10.40.31 AM

I even created a playlist that I could listen to while I sat down and wrote!

But how much did I actually write? 1,511 words. Now, some of you are probably saying that 1,500+ words is A LOT to write in one day. That you’ve never had to write a research paper that long, and that I’m like some kind of machine. And then there are some of you who are laughing at my minuscule word count, saying that if I want to be any kind of a professional writer I am really going to have to get my ass on the ball in order to do so.

The daily word count that I often work with is 1,667. Writing 1,667 words a day means that in 30 days you will have written 50,000 words. So I like to adhere to this. Sometimes it’s less, but more often than not it’s more (although not by much). And after I got my 1,511 written, I did the only thing that could have stopped me in my tracks — I went back and read over everything I’d already written down.

Rookie mistake.

So now I have 1,511 words that I am going to need to either scrap altogether, edit to make them sound better, or just leave them alone and let the story progress from there. What do you all think?

2 thoughts on “So You’ve Got An Idea…

  1. I would suggst carrying on, I found myself rewritting the first “chapter” of my story over and over again and it basically meant I never got any further. Once I left it alone the next section came pretty fast. I’m sure that you will need to edit/rewrite or even scrap what you have done altogehter at some point but I think that will be easier once you know where the rest of the story goes!

  2. A little late to the party here, but I’m ALWAYS in Camp Keep Going. I’ve lot so many stories to the swamps of in-progress editing, and I’m finally learning to not do that. Get it out, fix it later. I’m currently editing Asylum, which at this point means more or less completely re-writing the beginning. I didn’t know what I was doing or where I was going at the time, and now that I’m done I can edit the beginning into something that actually makes sense, instead of pushing words around the page like a kid that doesn’t want to eat their peas.

    Keep at it! Get a word pile out and play with it later. 🙂

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