Recently I had the pleasure of speaking to TigressStripes, the moderator of Writers Block Dynamite, an online forum where writers of any skill level can come together and discuss their craft, and even get some pointers, about why she chose to create an online forum devoted entirely to writers and their writing.

So why did you create Writers Block Dynamite?
Because I wanted to write and I was damn fucking tired of feeling like I was running headlong into a brick wall. I wanted to create a place where like-minded folks could present writing prompts to each other, to encourage each other, and otherwise hopefully blow that writers block to tiny itty-bitty pieces.

Have you always wanted to write?
Yes, I think I always have. At the very least, I’ve always been a story teller. I was an only child for a very long time, so I had to do *something* to entertain myself (and occasionally my parents) and so I would create these elaborate situations/circumstances that wouldn’t really happen in a snowballs chance in hell. Even before we had a Windows computer, I would make a little neighborhood ‘newsletter’ in Printshop.

Printshop? That’s going a LONG way back, isn’t it.
Yep. It was made by Broderbund, if memory serves. That’s the same time frame as the where in the everloving hell is Carmen Sandiego games.

Do you find that using a particular program makes it easier to write?
No. I’ve tried using all these fancy writers programs that are hyped up and such… and when it comes down to it, I write in MS Word. Because it’s there, and it spell checks, and occasionally points out that my grammar is tehfailz.

What did you hope to achieve by creating this forum?
For my own selfish purposes? Something to kick me in the ass and get me writing again, to find the confidence that I’d lost and be able to string more than a few words together in a cohesive manner again. And to not write so many damn run on sentences when answering questions. Seriously though, I hoped that it would make it easier for me (and others like me) to get that ‘writing flow’ going. To learn more about themselves and their characters, to be able to ask other writers questions about plot elements. To have a place to get things reviewed without getting the garbage-y “oh I like this” type of responses that does absolutely nothing to help the writer advance the plot further.

Writers Block Dynamite is free to use, all you need to do is sign up and you can start interacting with members.

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